The key to OTRF’s future is support and funding

Compassion for others gives us the ability to make a difference for future generations.

OTRF Contribution Form

Much of what we do in life defines us and our legacy—the examples we set, our compassion for others, our ability to make a difference for future generations. Some individuals, like Melinda and Bill Gates, are in a position to affect many lives, while most of us make a difference on a smaller scale. Both are important. Both are crucial. Both are appreciated. As a nonprofit, 501 (C)(3) foundation, OTRF relies solely on contributions to fund ongoing research and educational programs. If you, or someone you know, might be interested in making a contribution to further orthopaedic research and education, OTRF has several options you might consider:

  • Cash gifts benefit OTRF immediately and provide you a tax saving in the year of your donation.
  • Matching gifts through your employer can double your generosity
  • Gifts of assets, such as stock or property owned for at least one year, provide a charitable deduction equal to the current value of the asset and avoids capital gains taxes
  • Gifts through a will or living trust can provide a specific amount or percentage of your estate and qualify for estate deductions.
  • Gifts through a charitable trust or annuity provide life income for you and/or others. If all or a portion is directed to OTRF you receive a charitable deduction.
  • Gifts of life insurance with OTRF as a primary or secondary beneficiary on your policy are a future gift. If you have a policy no longer needed to protect beneficiaries or assets you could realize substantial income tax deductions.
  • Gifts in kind. Perhaps you or your company would be willing to provide services that OTRF pays for such as photography, videotaping and editing, printing, site/venue rentals for conferences, graphic design, etc. As a nonprofit organization, your contribution would qualify as an income tax deduction.

Should you wish to consider any of these options, you can use the charitable gifts form, or speak with Dr. Chudik personally at 630-324-0402, or email him at Regardless the amount, every donation is appreciated and will help make the difference in the lives of others for generations to come.