Sports Medicine, Injury Prevention Expertise Provided by Team Chudik

The goal of Dr. Steven Chudik and his health performance team is to provide reliable and proven training information to help athletes of all ages and abilities compete and perform at their best—no matter if it is a state athletic championship, or a weekly golf outing with friends. One of the most popular resources is OTRF’s sports performance programs. Research-based, these programs incorporate appropriate exercises, weights and stretching into weekly training schedules to maintain strength and help minimize injuries.

The health performance programs are electronically distributed with the OTRF Active Bones e-newsletter. To automatically receive new programs, email OTRF and request to be added to the Active Bones mailing list. Sports performance programs previously developed by OTRF and available as PDF downloads include:

If you would prefer to receive printed tabloid copies, email OTRF and provide the title of the program(s) you want, as well as the quantity and your mailing address and phone number.

Note: To maximize the benefit of the programs, it is important to follow the recommended number of sets and repetitions while maintaining proper form at all times. Failure to do so could result in an injury because not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Therefore, Dr. Chudik recommends anyone using a sports performance program consult his/her physician before beginning this or any other exercise program. Also, always warm up for several minutes before beginning any workout and NEVER exercise beyond the level at which you feel comfortable. If at any time you feel you are exercising beyond your current fitness abilities, or feel discomfort, discontinue exercise immediately and reconsider your participation in this program.None of the OTRF sports performance programs should not be attempted by anyone who does not meet minimum fitness requirements, or who has a history of hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist or spinal (neck or back) problems. THIS WARNING IS NOT TO BE DISCOUNTED. There are many other fitness alternatives if you have weaknesses or are prone to injuries. The user assumes all risks of injury in the use of this program.